God's Property: His Design, His House Production Kit
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Kathryn Joy Foster's God’s Property: His Design, His House Musical Theater is an engaging and entertaining musical that strengthens your understanding of the spiritual building process. It’s a great addition to any school, church, and community outreach.

Now available as a digital production kit, it includes an animated script; director’s production notes; lyrics; seven performance backing tracks; and overhead projection slide show. (Your purchase includes unlimited stage performance rights. To obtain a recording license call, 216.486.8615 today.)

Browse  the production notes and script. Buy the entire musical production kit. For a limited time, complimentary song demonstrations, props as well as a recommended list for other production props are included with your purchase. Visit our blog to download your complimentary props and list of other suggested props. Log on to blog.kingportionlive.com.

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God's Property: His Design, His House Production Kit

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