Confidential Sessions - Image Development Webinar
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The premise of this course is to show you that you don't have to look for success. Once you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing right, success will gravitate to you from every angle right. The outcome of successful navigation is the right things coming back to you on every wave. With a system in place, it is far easier to reassess your position and realign yourself before, during or after the storm, to recommit to finish your journey even during inclement seasons. This virtual online instruction has four confidential 2-hour sessions each. Class size- 1; Dates- negotiable;  course materials-content binder will be delivered by express mailed prior to course date. Regular price: $800.00/client; Special price: $599.00/client.  For more information log on to: Led by Kathryn Joy Foster, Destiny Coach. Published by Read All Over Publishing, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Photos by Robert L. Allen, Jr.

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Confidential Sessions - Image Development Webinar

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